In the present competitive Industry environment, early decision making in Sales, Finance, Stock, Material Consumption and Downtime, Time saving becomes the key factor to improve total efficiency in overall operation.

An Advanced Management Information System equipped for any Engineering / manufacturing Industry like Oil & Gas, Chemical,Food,Fertilizer,Pharmaceutical, Cement, Paper & pulp, Coal etc.

Special features
  • Monitor equipment efficiency and performance
  • Inventory, availability and consumption of raw materials, chemicals, daily production, utilities and stock
  • Integrate products details, vendor details and plant information
  • Access and interact with information from other databases and manufacturing systems (PLC, SCADA, DCS etc.)
  • Mass & Energy Balance analysis
  • Comprehensive printable reports and analysis for all processes on a daily/monthly/yearly basis
Analysis And Reports
  • Reactor Performance Analysis
  • Product Viscosity Analysis
  • Caustic Analysis
  • Reactor & Overhead Composition Analysis
  • Feed and Return Stock Composition Analysis
  • Cooling Water flow Analysis
  • Water Balance Analysis
  • Steam Balance Analysis
  • Fouling Factor Analysis
Mass & Energy Balance Analysis
  • Feed Preparation Unit
  • Reactor, Debutanizer, Flash Columns etc.
Equipment Performance Analysis
  • Boiler Efficiency
  • Butane Compressor Efficiency
  • Heat Exchangers Efficiency
Reports & Charting
  • Daily Raw Material Inventory Report
  • Daily Production Report
  • Daily Product Inventory Report
  • Raw Material Specific Consumption Report
  • Chemicals Specific Consumption Report
  • Utilities Specific Consumption Report
  • Stock Report etc
  • Quality Control Lab analysis of all raw material, Chemicals (Catalyst and others) Utilities and Environment etc
  • pH
  • Assay
  • Boil away
  • Efficiency of each equipment is improved
  • Effective, accurate & immediate critical information
  • Trouble-free planning of operation
  • Convenient monitoring for management decisions
  • In-depth understanding of your production system through printable Reports and Analysis generated by iPro
  • Easy Data Management
  • Assimilate data from other databases, manufacturing systems (PLC, SCADA, DCS etc), real time drivers, OPC Servers and other data repositories
  • Security of system
  • Data is stored on the centralised server
  • 3 levels of users who can view, edit and add
  • Time and Money saved
  • Increased total efficiency means cost savings everywhere!